Enviromold® is a certified mold inspection and mold removal company in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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Enviromold® is a NAMP and IICRC Certified mold Inspection and Certified mold Remediation (removal) company that specialize in residential and commercial mold problems throughout the province of British Columbia and Alberta. Our knowledge and experience will provide you with the expertise needed to solve any mold issue.

The NAMP is the National Association of mold Professionals. It’s the largest, oldest, and most respected non-profit mold Association in North America. NAMP has developed a training and Certification Program to provide education and authoritative credentials for mold Professionals.

Visual inspection of the premises critically examining the building searching for any sign of structural defect (past or present), environmental conditions conducive to mold colonization, and other potentially hazardous indoor air quality related problems.


There is an onsite project manager who is
a Certified mold Inspector and Certified
mold Remediation (removal) Technician
for every project.

Every project is 100% confidential.

All chemicals used are environmentally
friendly, non- toxic, and 100% safe.
In British Columbia we have the unfortunate pleasure of living in a rainforest. This fact is both a blessing and a curse; it’s the reason we have beautiful greenery all year round, but is also one of the reasons we have such high occurrences of mold growth inside our houses.



Enviromold operates under the Corporation "BC Ecotec Restoration Ltd."
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