Sadly, we live in a world where companies will take advantage of a person under the veil of helping them and Enviromold is trying to put a stop to it. There are companies out there that:
Tell you, you have a mould problem when you don’t.
Have absolutely no training with mould and end up making a mould problem worse.
Overcharge you because they know when they mention your family’s safety, you’ll pay anything.
Is the Mould Remediation (removal) bid you received fair?
Do you want a second opinion on your home or buildings mould problem?
Did you have a company remediate your home or building and want verification testing performed to prove that the remediation process was successful and the mould is gone?
Do you want a non-biased second opinion?

  Enviromold is doing its part to keep the mould industry honest.
  Attach your price quote to an email and send it to [email protected] and we’ll give you a second opinion based on years of experience and fair industry standards.
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