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Vancouver Mold Inspection
Average cost of an Enviromold Certified Mold Inspection is:
$300-$700 depending on the square footage of the building or home and whether air samples are taken.
An average residential two level home, less than 3000sqft averages $350.00 and an average commercial building less than 10,000sqft averages $600.00.
Mould samples are taken at a cost of $95.00 each for lab fees and an average two level home needs a minimum of (3), one outside and one on each level. An average commercial building usually requires (4-6) air samples.
  Should you be concerned about your indoor air quality?
  Is your home or office making you sick?

The Enviromold inspection is the most thorough in the industry and is only performed by a Certified Mold Inspector. The inspection services we provide:
Visual inspection of the premises critically examining the building searching for any sign of structural defect (past or present), environmental conditions conducive to mould colonization, and other potentially hazardous indoor air quality related problems.
We use the AIHA standards for taking Mould samples (air, tape lift, swab, or bulk) that are analyzed by a 3rd party independent laboratory.
Certified Mould Inspector
The mould samples are never analyzed on site or by our own employees. We believe our clients want their mould samples analyzed by a non-biased independent laboratory in a controlled environment.
Moisture meter and relative humidity readings.
Borescope into walls to determine potential hidden mould.
Invasive removal of small sections of drywall with containment afterwards.
Written report with digital pictures and recommendations.
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  *Our main service area is: The Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Whistler, Squamish, and Hope. Arrangements can be made anywhere in British Columbia or Alberta.
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