“According to all five Warranty providers in British Columbia, if a mould infestation has developed on a structure while under construction, the general contractor will be held responsible for properly dealing with it. Regardless if the mould is dead or alive, growing or not, the mould will need to be removed.”

In British Columbia we have the unfortunate pleasure of living in a rainforest. This fact is both a blessing and a curse; it’s the reason we have beautiful greenery all year round, but is also one of the reasons we have such high occurrences of mould growth inside our houses. One of the reasons for this is when our houses are being built in the rainy season (Sep-May), the moisture content in the wood framing and OSB is often too high before putting up the drywall. Moisture content needs to be checked before closing drywall and should never be higher than 19%. If this doesn’t happen, mould has the potential to grow inside the walls.

So what can be done?
  Enviromold uses a product called "Enviroshield", which is an environmentally friendly anti-microbial sealant that comes with a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty. It can be used on new construction to help prevent potential mold growth in the future or after the mold remediation process. Please call us for more information. 1-866-645-4500
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